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I’ve been telling my clients who are interested in purchasing, that THIS is the best time to invest in your home because of the downturn in the market. That statement couldn’t be more true for Canadians. Our credit crisis hasn’t affected Canada as severely because their sub-prime mortgage guidelines helped avoid what’s currently happening in the USA. Our lending practices were SO loose and unregulated, that people who didn’t have the income to make payments on a property were buying homes. You’ve heard this hundreds of times in the media already, and you probably already know how many foreclosures we have in Las Vegas ( if you don’t it’s about 40% of our current inventory), but these down turns in Canadian Find Las Vegas Foreclosures Appealingthe market are what true investors are seeking. Canadian buyers not only have the luxury of investing in a down market, they get the benefit of a stronger Canadian Dollar working to their advantage. So not only can they get a great deal on a property for the Las Vegas market, Canadians get an added discount of a our weak economy. I try very hard to stay positive about life because if I didn’t this market would eat me alive. Because I am able to see the potential good in every situation, I am able to help people invest their money with great opportunities. I currently work with a mortgage broker who specializes in working with Foreign National Investors to finance properties. For those Canadians not interested in paying cash for a property, there are loans out there that require a 35% down payment.  If you’d like more information on this loan program, please call Felipe Crook toll free at 866-589-1646.   Also, I work with a currency exchange company called MoneyCorp which is an international company offering the best currency exchange rates.  They can have funds within 24 hours at rates that rival major banks.

If you’re looking for a second home to escape the brutal winters of Canada, contact me, Felipe Crook, to discuss your investment options for Las Vegas.  There are MANY wonderfully priced homes available for your perfect paradise away from home.

Happy House Hunting!

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