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Wealth Consciousness

I read many, many spiritual books always trying to improve myself and be a better person. I’ve been doing a lot of affirmations and meditating on the subject of wealth.  What I’ve come to understand for myself is no mater how many activities I do to generate income, they are useless if I don’t have wealth consciousness.  What is wealth consciousness?  A lot of my recent The Power of your Subconscious Mindspiritual growth has come from reading The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. This book was written in the 70’s with the EXACT same message as other books like The Secret, or The Power of Intention.  Murphy discusses at length the subject of wealth and how our thoughts attract everything into our lives.  EVERYTHING, not just the good stuff, the bad stuff too.  The idea of wealth consciousness is a way of habitually thinking about money and abundance.  If you are constantly reinforcing to yourself the idea that “Money flows continuously and easily to me” then money will.   If you reaffirm that “Riches of every sort (great relationships, great projects, great experiences, great income) are drawn Road Blocks to manifestingto me” then the law of attractions will position you in the path of riches.  But the instant that a negative thought creeps into your head, it acts like a road block to your manifestation.  The law of attraction has no sense of good or bad,  better or worse, it simply brings into your life that on which you focus.  Period.  So if you are constantly saying how you can’t afford things, you won’t be able to buy them.  If you keep repeating that you are broke, then you will be.  The first step in making any change in your life starts with the awareness of your current thoughts and habits.  Simply notice without judgment (that might be tough for those of you like me, who are hard on yourselves) the thoughts and words you use.  Once you’re aware, you can start to make choices.  Once you make the choice to talk and think about money and wealth in a different manner, situations and events start popping up in your life that reinforce your thoughts.  The law of attraction has no sense of time so you will start to notice a difference immediatelyGratitude if you allow it.  After you have received your manifestations, complete the circle by being grateful and appreciative of the gifts coming into your lives.  Hold onto your vision and don’t let anyone distract you from it.

Happy Manifesting.

Felipe Crook


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